Bon voyage!

     Welcome to my first ever post! I decided to create this blog with the intention of spreading my knowledge and experiences so that people could leverage them in order to make their travel dreams a reality. 

     I travel constantly and by constantly, I mean as much as I possibly can. Now as many of you probably know there are quite a bit of constraints that could potentially hinder this. These include: time, money, energy, scheduling, etc. My goal is to help minimize the affect these types of constraints have on your ability to travel. Throughout my posts, I want to show you how to leverage different types of resources in order to help you escape the mundane of everyday life. 

     Why? Because I discovered something very early in life. 

     That discovery came after I followed the formula that the world prescribes: go to a top tier university, graduate from said university, get a good job, and make lots of money. It didn’t take me long to realize that even though I did everything “right,” I found myself simply missing out on life. Something had to give. Fighting with my boss to take my second day of vacation, for the entire year, in the month of November was not what I had in mind. Sounds like a gigantic set of first world problems, huh? Well, it was. I was making more money than I knew what to do with and all I wanted to do was explore the world, see my friends, visit my family, and have new experiences. The mechanical rabbit had been caught. I realized it was just a game. So I quit the race. 

     To me, I valued my time and quality of life over a pay check. Flexibility, creativity, positive energy, and passion were the missing elements. Don’t get me wrong. You need money. Money is a tool. However, money will only take you so far. So I found a method to gain all of these missing elements at the expense of my paycheck—about half of my paycheck.

      So that is how I managed to maximize more of my time. How on earth then do I manage to travel with (gasp) less money? Well, that is precisely why I am writing. There are many ways that you, too, can travel like that guy who turns left on the airplane, is greeted with a bubbling glass of champagne, while late falling asleep on a lie-flat bed and guess what—you don’t have to be a rockstar, hedge fund manager, or even Mark Cuban.

     I’m here to tell you that no one from ABC is calling my people to have me be a Shark on Shark Tank. There, glad that’s off my chest. Yet through lots of research, trial and error, and overall passion for my hobby I have managed to not only travel more but in style. Here’s an example of my type of travel experience:

      I arrive at the airport and walk directly to the First Class counter and am greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable agent who checks me into my flight with priority thanks to my elite status. He then collects my baggage and checks them for free. From there I’ll casually walk to security and go to the TSA PreCheck lane that doesn’t force me to remove my jacket and shoes nor my laptop or liquids from my bag in order to walk through a body scanner. No, ladies and gentlemen, this is airport security circa 1994 where its quick and painless. Through security in less than 30 seconds—no joke. My next stop is to the one of the lounges. There, another kind lady will inform me of my flight’s current status and remind me that she will monitor it for any changes while I enjoy my stay. It’s there that I will also take a moment to schedule a free massage or manicure if I have the time to spare. After that is taken care of I head to the bar for a complimentary cocktail and check what meals are available that day. After enjoying some peace from the hustle and bustle of the terminal, it is now time for me to walk to my gate since the flight is boarding soon. Once at the gate, an agent will call my name and notify me that I have an upgrade to the premium cabin. There really is no time to sit because the agent will then begin the boarding process and call the elite members to board first. This gives me time to claim an overhead bin and get settled before the flight attended delivers a glass of wine and asks for my meal preference. Let us fast forward and say that I land in an international destination that recognizes my Global Entry membership—which I got the fee reimbursed by American Express. No long customs lines for me! I head to the express lane intended for diplomats. Quick passport stamp and I’m on my way to collect my checked baggage. At this time it is a little early for hotel check-in, but my Hilton HHonors Gold status grants me access to my suite early. Vacation time, baby! Now instead of still waiting in the customs line, I am ready to begin my exploration of this new destination. 

      How can a 20-something take advantage of these opportunities without an eight figure net worth or trust fund? Stay tuned. I’m here to teach you. 

  • Lela Victoria

    I will definitely stay tuned you got to school me on how to get on your level because traveling is breaking my pockets

    • seizetheglobe

      Thanks for the support, Lela! Can’t wait to help show you the ropes. 🙂

  • Laura Hardee

    I’m just here to check your spelling and grammar.

  • Triada DeLois

    I love this! I’ll def be reading every post 🙂

    • Glad to hear it, Tri. I’m pumped to start teaching people some tricks of the trade.

  • Paul Duda

    Kristina, this is awesome, I’m stoked to read more, since I also love to travel, but find myself not as able to as I would like. Teach me your wayzzzzz

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